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Re: Patch for 1.5.0: new feature provide and some small fixes

On Fri, 7 Dec 2001, Uwe Koloska wrote:

> Here are the changes:
> - new feature: provided features
>     maybe this has to be toggled only for preparation of
>     rpm-packages

Sounds nice. Can you send a cut & paste of a checkinstall session running
with this change and using the "provides" feature?

You should note that it has always been possible to specify the
"provides" section of the spec file by actually *writing* a spec file and
telling checkinstall to use it with the "--spec" command line option.

You can even get a template of the spec file if you tell checkinstall not
to delete the auto-generated one with "--delspec=no". Once you have it you
can edit it to fill your needs, like for example adding the "Provides:"
section. And you can reuse it for other packages as well, using the
"--spec" option.

It would be nice to be able to specify the provides section with another
command line option or via a "provides-pak" file or something, though.

I'll think about the best way to implement it  ;-)

> - don't delete doc-pak and description-pak if they are present when
> running checkinstall
>     without this, both are deleted after a default installation of
>     checkinstall itself

That's what the checkinstallrc file is for. Go edit it instead:

Or you can use "--deldesc=no --deldoc=no".

> - small typo: "striping ELF binaries" -> "stripping"

Thanks for noting it. I'll fix it right away  :)