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Removal from Slackware 12 ??


First, let me say thanks for  the work checkinstall has saved me
on my Slackware 11 box.  In fact, between checkinstall and build
scripts from www.slackbuilds.org managing packages and checking
out new software on Salck 11 has been a pleasure. (mostly)

I was looking forward to the same experience on Slack 12, but sadly
there appears to be a problem:


 "Due to an unfortunate incompatibility with the latest coreutils
that was not noticed until right before release, a working copy
of 'checkinstall' was not available at the time of the Slackware
12.0 release...."

Aw, that's disappointing--can you shed some light on this?  Posters on AOLS 
seem divided on weather or not version 1.6.1 works, or maybe 1.5.1
works better.  Some say the "--fstrans=no" option solves their problems.  
Unfortunately,  some  shed more heat than light on such things.  I'm 
guessing the checkinstall list has the straight story.