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Re: Removal from Slackware 12 ??

On Thursday 02 August 2007 23:53, Felipe Sanchez wrote:

> Some people have reported success using checkinstall-1.5.3 which may
> suggest that the fstrans code is to blame.
> I started looking into this only yesterday. I'll keep the list posted.
> If anyone has any info which can be of use, please share  ;-)

Perhaps you've already seen it, but there is this thread:


I found particularly interesting Henrik Carlqvist's tests and another 
poster's (kinslerp) reminiscence in response to "root":

>>>root <NoEMail DeleteThis @home.org> wrote:
>> > My 1.5.3 version does not work. Something is really wrong with tar
> >> and that may be the problem.

>> I went back to the previous version of tar and my checkinstall works
>> again.

>I distinctly recall (but not sure from where: here, several years ago?)
>that the problem with checkinstall is that it assumes a newer version
>of tar than than (er) used by default in Slackware.

>E.g. "grep tar /sbin/installpkg" returns the line

>echo "WARNING: pkgtools are unstable with tar > 1.13."

Slack 11 used tar-1.13, Slack 12 uses tar-1.16.1.  Makes me want to
tinker a bit myself,  but here Slack 12 lives on a box whose video card 
died.  :-(  Oh, well--its Ebay time again....