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Re: Removal from Slackware 12 ??


> what did Stuart mean when he talks about the "at-style functions that glibc
> 2.5 is providing". I do know now, keep on reading  :-)

Sorry -I just saw your post on aosl -- glad you have worked out
what I said :-)

> As for the tar issue, it is indeed an old one. Even Slackware's pkgtools
> package don't use the newer tar, they use "tar-1.13" instead which is,
> oddly enough, included in the tar-1.16-1-i486-1 package installed by Slackware
> 12 (I just checked it).

Also Pat does not like the use of a modified makepkg -- he (and I) cannot
see why it's necessary.  This is one of the reasons he put checkinstall
into Slackware to begin with -- he was having reports about broken
(broken in what sense I don't remember), and part of this was due to
the patched 'makepkg'.

If you were to use Slackware's makepkg, he'd be happier -- I couldn't say
whether he'd reinclude it again but it'd go some way to doing so.

Stuart Winter